Church Of Spiritual Something Or Other

What, exactly, is the Church Of Spiritual Something Or Other?  Who knows!?  Who cares?!  Perhaps Stephen Batchelor of TRICYCLE magazine says it best, or maybe not.....  But he says-

“One finds that no matter how sincere one's intention to be attentive and aware, the mind rebels against such instructions and races off to indulge in all manner of distractions, memories and fantasies. . . . The comforting illusion of personal coherence and continuity is ripped away to expose only fragmentary islands of consciousness separated by yawning gulfs of unawareness. . . . The first step in this practice of mindful awareness is radical self-acceptance.

Such self-acceptance, however, does not operate in an ethical vacuum, where no moral assessment is made of one's emotional states. The training in mindful awareness is part of a Buddhist path with values and goals. Emotional states are evaluated according to whether they increase or decrease the potential for suffering. If an emotion, such as hatred or envy, is judged to be destructive, then it is simply recognized as such. It is neither expressed through violent thoughts, words, or deeds, nor is it suppressed or denied as incompatible with a "spiritual" life. In seeing it for what it is--a transient emotional state--one mindfully observes it follow its own nature: to arise, abide for a while, and then pass away.”

Keep in mind that COSSOO is not the same as Buddhism or any religion.  COSSOO is exactly like COSSOO, and that is somewhat ambiguous, but usually pleasant.  If you care to join COSSOO (something that we do not really have much of an opinion about, so can offer no advice) please email our college of Terriers, and Doggie Lamas Salty and Scruffy will perhaps get back to you in a timely fashion.  We wish you and the rest of the World well.  monastery@cossoo.org